Declare Victory over Stress, Pain, and Fatigue

Reclaim the Life you Lost When Symptoms Took Over

I'm Beck Alejandro and I empower people struggling with the symptoms of chronic illness to leave their limits in the back seat and live focused on the possibilities waiting right around the corner.


Resilient warriors everywhere are breaking free from life-changing symptoms like stress, pain, fatigue, and mental blocks to reclaim the vibrant, fulfilling lives that they deserve.

You can break free, too.

A health coach holds the key to solving these problems fast.

You'll overcome persistent obstacles and achieve your most ambitious goals much faster than you can alone.

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Did you know that persistent, low-level stress disrupts how our bodies work? Health coaches help you reduce stress so your body can switch to 'rest & digest' mode. Here, your body can do normal things like digest, absorb nutrients, and heal.


Imposter syndrome is more like a bully than a syndrome. It robs you of your confidence when you're going after the things you want. A health coach can help you transform your inner critic into an inner warrior so you can begin to thrive.


Limiting beliefs are like invisible chains that stop us from reaching our full potential. But what if you broke those chains? Health coaches teach you to leave limits behind. Your journey to a life without these limiting beliefs begins now.


Is a dark cloud of shadows dimming your light? Depression leaves you feeling isolated, drained, and stuck. You're not alone, and there is hope. Health coaching guides you into the light so you can find your joy and purpose.

The Resilient Warrior Roadmap


Stress Mastery

Peeling away layers of stress is the key to unlocking your body’s natural and intuitive healing powers. Experience enhanced digestion, nutrient absorption, reduced inflammation, and the shedding of stubborn weight.

  • Engage in guided sessions to cultivate a practice you can embrace on your own. 
  • Master breathing techniques designed for relaxation, giving you a powerful ally in managing and mitigating symptoms.
  • Tap into your inner strength and resilience through the transformative potential of  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
Mindful mediation is one way to bring your body out of fight or flight and into rest and digest which is critical for nutrient absorption and proper digestion.
Connecting holistic nourishment with stress and symptom management so you can effortlessly craft tasty, nutrient-filled meals for yourself and your entire family.


Nutritional Impact

Unlock the secrets to sustained energy and focus, forging a connection between holistic nourishment and symptom management. Rejuvenate both mind and body for you and your loved ones with delectable, revitalizing meals.

  • The Resilience Ritual: a warrior’s guide to identifying and conquering self-sabotage and forging a more resilient you.
  • Explore the intricate dance between ‘fight or flight’ and ‘rest and digest’, revealing the pivotal role of stress in digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Delve deep into understanding the impact of inflammation on both mind and body, arming yourself with actionable healing strategies


Taking Back Your Power

Discover the power of a resilient mindset that navigates you through challenges with empowerment and confidence, and brings resilience to every aspect of your lifestyle.

  • The Dance of the Warrior: Embrace adaptive movement as a path to healing, finding rhythm and harmony in every step.
  • Pinpoint and address your core limiting beliefs, harmful habits, and imposter syndrome, dismantling the barriers to your true self.
  • The Self-Love Blueprint: craft and nurture your authentic self through a journey of self-love, building a lasting foundation of joy and fulfillment.
The Resilient Warrior Roadmap is a program that helps people struggling with symptoms of chronic illness to rediscover their inner warrior and find what's truly possible for them so that they can break free from their limits and live the life they want.
The Resilient Warriors program for people struggling with chronic illness symptoms is structured to provide the system, support, and accountability my clients most need.


Design Your Resilient Life

Craft a life that aligns with your goals and well-being using your newly mastered tools and techniques as your foundation. It's about synergistically implementing the strategies you've learned to reclaim the life persistent symptoms stole from you.

  • Learn how to seamlessly integrate your masterfully equipped toolbox to build and shape the life you’ve always envisioned. 
  • Choose to embrace each day with balance, purpose, and intention, cultivating a life that resonates with your true self.
  • Protect and preserve your energy through proven strategies that align your body's energy with the tasks before you.


Becoming The Resilient Warrior

Stride forth on the Warrior’s path, armed with knowledge, resilience, and a revitalized spirit. This is more than a journey. Every step is a dance of triumph and self-discovery, making a continuous evolution towards boundless possibilities, and exhilarating adventures yet to unfold.

  • Uncover the transformative power of positivity, gratitude, and acknowledgment, lighting your path to healing.
  • Sustain your transformation, creating a self-aligned and authentic chapter in your Resilient Warrior journey. 
  • Honor each win, big or small, as milestones on your path to transformation that fuels your journey forward.
of this 90-day Resilient Warriors Roadmap, you will have found ways to manage your symptoms, heard you inner warrior's battlecry, and achieved your highest goals.


Tell me what I'm getting.

Enhancing your ability to weather the struggles you face day after day.


Gain immediate access to the Resilient Warrior Roadmap, a transformative 90-day one-on-one coaching program offering everything listed here, along with a few surprises.

  • Enjoy 12 weekly personalized 50-minute coaching experiences.
  • Benefit from 12 weekly action guides custom-made to supercharge your progress.
  • Have peace of mind with direct email access to your coach between sessions, available during business hours.
  • Fuel your body while mitigating symptoms with nutritional and wellness insights you won't get anywhere else.
  • Use your VIP pass to our private online community of like-minded individuals also on a journey to rediscover their inner warrior and thrive with chronic illness.
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Becky Alejandro, creator of the Resilient Warrior Roadmap course, which empowers people struggling with life-stopping symptoms to put their illness in the backseat and pursue a life full of health and possibilities.

Becky Alejandro is a health coach who has 25 years of experience empowering teens and adults with physical and mental health struggles to walk the path of the resilient warrior.

Becky is passionate about helping you find relief from life-stopping symptoms and put chronic illness in the backseat, so you can design the abundant life you've always wanted.

Her tools and strategies are guaranteed to offer you the right support and accountability to break free from the chains of pain, fatigue, and limitations.

Becky holds a degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and an advanced degree in counseling from St. Edwards University. She is also an expert in habit change principles, earning her coaching certification from an ICF-accredited school.

My client says I helped remind him of his creative potential and to reframe some belief systems and conditioning he had been holding onto.
my health and life coaching clients say I provide made for you modifications to all my sessions and connected them with forgotten talents
Step into the life you've always wanted, no matter what the limits are. althy beliefs that position you for achievement
My client says I showed her to rebel in healthy ways and that she reached her goals in an easy and sustainable way.
Step into the life you've always wanted, no matter what the limits are. althy beliefs that position you for achievement
My client says I made her feel relaxed and grounded. I listened and made her feel heard and understood so that she got lots of clarity.

After you have traveled the Resilient Warrior Roadmap, you will grow, evolve, and thrive as you discover a world of limitless possibilities

This is Resilient Warrior life:

  • Mastering your stress allows you to welcome a newfound sense of peace into your life.
  • Understanding the critical link between eating well and controlling symptoms lays a foundation for a healthier and happier you.
  • Breaking free from limiting thoughts and doubts, you now embrace confidence and self-belief.
  • Seeing your possibilities more clearly means you will realize your dreams and become your most authentic self.
  • As your body efficiently processes and absorbs nutrients, you can feel the difference that optimal health creates.
  • Armed with the secrets to fighting inflammation, you bid farewell to unwanted weight and pain, and embrace a healthier and lighter version of yourself.
  • Utilizing these new strategies, you reclaim the happiness and purpose that persistent symptoms once took away.